Immersion Assembly

This morning we had an Immersion Assembly and there were performances from year 1-7&8s class teachers where they would form a group within the classes and put on a show to inspire the younger people observing. However we were able to support the performances done and agree with what was going on during the Assembly, overall I enjoyed the whole assembly as well as being inspired by the team 5s amazing performance.

Mr Wiseman, Mr Burt, Mr Somerville, and Mr Jackson made a very creative song with admirable lyrics as well. Mr Somerville and Mr Wiseman were drumming and playing electric guitar. Then Mr Jackson and Mr Burt were singing and doing the best vocals.

Teams 1 to 3 were about emotions and learning how to express them and not letting others feel left out so including them would be the best thing to do specifically dancing too. Team 4 was about superheros and others having their own special abilities also having Team 5 talking about “Billy” having hairy legs and getting made fun of for that, in the ending Billy was able to overcome that by getting stood up for by his new friend that waited for the right time to speak up for him.

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