Month: March 2023


William Hosbon was a Irish Royal Navy officer of which served as the first Governor of New Zealand. He was also an co-owner of the Treaty Of Waitangi. He was sent off from London in July 1939 as the orders he was given taking fundamental steps had to establish a British Colony in New Zealand. Being committed as Lieutenant-Governor in Sydney under George Gipps and occured in New Zealand on the 29th of January 1840.


Of which the Maori land wars took place in Taranaki, Waikato, Hawke’s Bay, and Auckland due to complicated agreements.

Sensational Subtraction

  Sensational Subtraction

We are learning to solve subtraction problems using whole numbers.


Your sister gives you $125 to spend on lollies. If you spend $65 how much money would you have left over? 60


She then gives you $234 more. How much money do you have now? 294



Pt England school are buying new sports gear. There is $500 in the sports budget. 


They first purchase a basketball hoop for $50.  How much money does is left? 450


They then buy a net for $25.  How much do they have left? 435


Then they buy three tennis balls. Each ball costs $3. How much do they have left? 432


Finally they buy a netball hoop which costs $100.  How much is left in the budget at the end? 332


Zyla’s puppy is growing every month. He used to weigh 5 kg but he now weighs 6 ½  How much weight has he put on? 1 ½%