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Algebra Tiny Seashells

WALT: Understand how addition and subtraction behave.

Task Description: My highlight is fully understanding the work and being able to do it fast. My lowlight is the work being to easy and being able to do it faster than my group. I don’t have anything I want to work on this week but I might want to move onto some harder work next time.

Algebra Nanas Party

WALT: Understand how the operations of addition and subtraction behave.

Task Description : Hi today I worked on quick math, my highlight was the work being connected to the following task and being able to finish it really fast. lowlight was getting stuck on division, and something i should work on is my division.


Think before you share

Task Description: Hi today we did a cyber smart challenge where we put bubbles in areas we think is right and keep it private areas, this was a fun activity i had fun although it was just for a lolly. I think that people should think about it before speaking or sharing anything private.

Highlight: Was easy, lolly motivated me.

Lowlight: Didnt understand most of it

Something I need to work on: Confidently putting the bubbles in right areas.