What To Do When You’re Angry Or Frustrated?

Hi, today we learnt about how to control yourself at school when you feel anger or frustration at school. I feel like being able to cool yourself down and handle your feelings would help make sure you forget about the things that are happening right now, as being able to breathe in and out and not let stuff going on bother you or make you overthink it. I don’t think reacting by getting mad will help reflect on your actions so far so just know you won’t achieve anything by settling your problems with a fight, so relax yourself. I think responding carefully and sensibly will most definitely have a big impact on how you act so don’t be talking back disrespectfully even if their the ones being disrespectful.

Stuff I need to work on is not talking back to others i feel like ive been doing that for a while and hopefully it doesnt become a big habit for me. so hopefully i can work on myself when im able to.

Highlight is being able to relate to stuff that was said.

Lowlight is not being here for all the sessions.


Smart Relationships

Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Zaria and he had a friend named Mary who was also a young boy. They had this condition called la la land phobia and they were stuck talking about their dream girls in a dream house. Eventually they ended up getting what they wanted. One day they were talking to each other and they decided they should get a life and apply for a job instead of talking about women. Happily ever after the end!!.

The Triangle

WALT: Group basic 2D shapes based on their properties.

Hi today I was learning about shapes and different angles. My highlight is what a acute is and its a 94 degree angle. My low light was the slides being a little hard and something I need to get better at is being faster at answering the questions in the slides.