Tag: Cybersmart

Think before you share

Task Description: Hi today we did a cyber smart challenge where we put bubbles in areas we think is right and keep it private areas, this was a fun activity i had fun although it was just for a lolly. I think that people should think about it before speaking or sharing anything private.

Highlight: Was easy, lolly motivated me.

Lowlight: Didnt understand most of it

Something I need to work on: Confidently putting the bubbles in right areas.

Smart Relationships

Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Zaria and he had a friend named Mary who was also a young boy. They had this condition called la la land phobia and they were stuck talking about their dream girls in a dream house. Eventually they ended up getting what they wanted. One day they were talking to each other and they decided they should get a life and apply for a job instead of talking about women. Happily ever after the end!!.

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