Day: October 27, 2022

What Makes A Great _______

What Makes A Great Teacher?


A Great Teacher takes responsibility and knowledge. Great teachers gets to know students and more intelligent stuff about them however that takes different priorities as well as setting a goal to achieve would be good.


  • What Makes A Great Student? 


A good student is an amazing learner and listener. Good students define respect and gratitude which makes a great student overall. 


  • What Makes A Great Learner? –  


A great learner participates in work that is discussed particularly often. It’s good to know that a great learner could be really successful as well as graduating. And because of that people get amazing job opportunities.


; Great Learners are enrolled in good colleges and universities for a reason. And that’s because they are really smart and hard-working when it comes to having a really neat reputation. When people have high expectations for you it gives you motivation to keep going and to never give up as a successor.


In conclusion a good learner has experience and is really amazing when it comes to having great vocab and sharing ideas. OVERALL great learners are truly astonishing and really do have a passion for learning.